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Sea You Yachting

About Us

Sea You Yachting stands out as a yacht agency that turns the dreams of sea enthusiasts into reality. Formed by a team who shares the passion for traveling along Turkey’s unique coastlines and has made the love for maritime into a lifestyle, this agency is here to offer its customers unforgettable sea adventures. We’re here to be the gateway to the endless freedom of the sea.

At Sea You Yachting, we strive to provide our customers with a sea experience that exceeds their expectations. With our wide range of services, we are ready to meet all kinds of maritime needs. We meticulously work to ensure that your travels are safe and comfortable with our technically equipped and well-maintained yachts in our fleet. Additionally, with our rental and brokerage services, we guide you in selecting the most suitable yacht for your vacation.

Our experienced and expert team plans the perfect sea adventure for you by considering every detail. By offering fast and reliable solutions for yacht maintenance and repair, we ensure that your travels are uninterrupted and enjoyable. Furthermore, with our agency and assistance services, we support you along your route and simply enable you to enjoy the sea.

Sea You Yachting also stands out with its expertise in yacht management. We take care of all yacht management to provide our customers with a peaceful and enjoyable travel experience, arranging everything you need. All you have to do is enjoy the sea.

If you also want to discover the boundless freedom of the sea and experience an unforgettable sea adventure, contact Sea You Yachting and join us to turn your dreams into reality. Sea You Yachting is here with you to explore the unique atmosphere of the sea and experience adventurous moments!